1965 Jaguar MkII Saloon

What started as a rust bucket in a field in Thousand Oaks, CA almost 12 years ago has been transformed into a home built retro classic. Full frame rust repair, rebuilt everything, garage bodywork and paint job, and new leather and wood interior.

Riding in style

1989 Mustang GT 5.0

My daily driver. Just over 100k original miles. Runs and drives like new. I'm the third owner and have every receipt since originally purchased from Ford of Anaheim 25 years ago.  

1981 Kawasaki KZ440

Bought this from a shop in Harlem to replace my wrecked CB. Loud, completely unreliable, and fun to ride. After a few runs up and down the beach had to sell to make room for the Jaguar. There CAN be 'too many projects.'

Runnin' up Route 1

Runnin' up Route 1

1981 Honda CB650 Custom

Bringing a dusty old Honda CB roaring back to life and my first time on two wheels. After two summers of restoration, brought this bike to NYC were it was promptly knocked over and totaled. 

Work in progress...

The Great Twitter Secret Santa

Write up in Mashable


This idea came up while brainstorming for something else. We couldn't find any love for it around the agency so we built it ourselves. Regan, a fellow strategist, and Jason, my developer roommate, and I joined forces to create the first ever Secret Santa program run through the twitter API. We had over 3000 users and over 1000 gifts delivered through the lifespan of the program. It was written up in multiple pubs and features on ABC news. 

Feature on ABC News


Write up in Creativity


Apokalips Webcomic

Another fun project with roommates - Apokalips Webcomic. Spawned of the idea that things can get nuts at anytime, might as well put down as many thoughts and fun ideas as possible before the end. While Mike did the majority of the drawing and writing, ideas came from everywhere. There was a roadtrip, a comic-creator, active social channels, and even a few comics that made the front page of Reddit - which generated millions of visits and more than one server crash.

My Apokalips homepage  www.MyApokalips.com

My Apokalips homepage